Building broker

WHy a building broker?

For decades people have been travelling around the state to view display home after display home and you end up walking into a home that was simply a version of the display home next door they just walked out off. The majority of the building companies in Perth cannot design individual, unique, custom homes let alone construct them. To do this you need high quality designers and architects that often cost a small fortune due to the level of work and detail that goes into a luxury, custom home design.

The next problem is that designers and architects are not builders, when designing unique custom homes the architect or designers need experienced skilled builders to make sure the fancy ideas can actually be build the way they have been designed. Designers are architects almost always design a home that comes back so far over budget, combining all the great ideas for the dream home but have no idea of the cost, large cost blow outs often leaves people having to start again, losing time and money.

  • Save up to 20% when building
  • Get a fixed price so builders don't surprise you unexpected costs
  • Get guided through the building prcess
  • Building brokers monitor & inspect the building progress
  • ONE OFF Custom home design like no other

The building broker process works

These days we have a broker for almost anything we purchase, finance, boats, insurance. Why would we not have a broker for the most important and complicated purchase of our lives, our forever home, or investment property

Times have changed and just walking into a building company to find your dream home, design your unit development or apartment complex makes no sense and leaves you without control. Take control off the builders, design your own project, select every item in your project, take the ownership of the intellectual property away from the builders and let the team at Perth building Broker tender your home to the best selection of builders so you are guaranteed the best price possible. With full detailed plans and documentation we will control the full tender process between all selected builders leaving you with a fixed price contract before you sign anything with the winning builder.

At Perth building broker we provide start to end comprehensive tender documentation giving the builders complete clarity required to fix the price .Our experienced team produce amazing level documentation second to none and this is the key. The builders are handed a completed file with a client ready to start building for straight away, the process takes away any guess work , saves the builders huge money and resources so these saving are passed on to you. Importantly the builders have a project to start directly not 12 to 18 months away so they become highly motivated to win the job.

The tender process puts all builders on notice ,the builders have one chance to price the works so this typically creates sharp pricing and competition ,the fear of missing a project ready to start is powerful. Builders will tend to lower the building margin/profit on a tender rather than if they design and construct your plans, again saving you money.

The winning builder of the tender can submit to the building department of the local council and can start building your project as fast as 10 working days from you selected them due to Perth Building Broker completing everything required before we engage the builders. Why spend your important time running around in circles for months when we do everything for you, take control from the builders, save your time, save thousands of dollars, fix the price and enjoy the process,it is simple, the tender process works!


Save up to 20%* on your new home build while watch over and guide you through the process.