Knock Down & Rebuild

Knock Down And Rebuild Perth

If your home in Perth no longer satisfies your needs or if it no longer suits your tastes, it’s never a cause for worry. Many people renovate, making changes only to a certain part of the home. However, if you would like to have a new home, you may want to consider knocking down and rebuilding. The chance to make your home completely new through a full reconstruction is a great option if you are looking for a fresh structure or design. 

Being a much more intensive process than simpler renovations, choosing to knockdown and rebuild will essentially give you a completely new home. Many people opt to knock down and rebuild their homes in order to eventually sell their property as well. Demolishing the house and building a new one is an option that many people choose, for both living and selling.

We are here to help you through the entire process: from land assessment, to contact with your local council, to budget planning, to construction planning and design, all the way to construction. Knocking down your home to rebuild as a new one is a building job, and like any, help and guidance with the process is essential. 

Our building brokers are determined to help you recreate your residence, so you can build a new home that you can be happy with.

What is a knock down and rebuild?

A knock down and rebuild is the process of demolition of an existing house on a block of land you own and building a brand new house. Knock down and rebuilds can be cheaper than renovating or building a new house on a new block of land.

A builder will help you with your knock down and rebuild by organising all of the trades involved. This mainly includes demolition of the existing house, site works and council approvals.


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