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We DESIGN, TENDER, and help CONSTRUCT your project to the highest standard and the lowest price with our building broker service.
$$ Save $$ with our tender Process
In some cases we have found a variance of over 20% from comparing builders prices for the exact same plan & specification.
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We Tender Your Plan At No Cost!
Want to get your home quoted by multiple builders and get us to help you compare like for like? We will do it at no cost to you!
Building BRoker
Fixed Price Builds
Variations, siteworks, & unexpected costs... The list goes on... We make sure THE PRICE IS FIXED before building starts!

Perth Building Broker

Perth Building Broker are the best building brokers in Western Australia for good reason!

With Perth Building Broker the builders we tender too are left with a project ready to start building within 10 working days resulting in them being highly motivated to win the build. They do not have to pay engineers, interior designers, prestart consultants, building surveyors, draftsmen, sales reps, marketing teams or energy assessment contractors. This means so all this money comes off your build price and is passed on to you.

The reason why we get you the best deals is because because of the experience we have. Talk to us and you will understand.

At Perth Building Broker we have our own in house skilled registered builder, qualified engineer, architectural designers and an interior decorator all with decades of direct industry experience. This amazing talented team of professionals coupled with the highest level of documentation of any building broker in Perth is why we can guarantee a fixed price from the builders at tender stage, no other broker can do this!

our building broker difference

We do not simply just design your plans and a specification like all the other brokers in Perth, leaving you with a half done job and allowing builders to charge you extra fees later down the track.

We Obtain FIXED PRICE BUILDS! Other brokers cannot obtain fixed prices for your build because they will not produce the full detailed documentation like we do and the builder you sign with can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to replicate this.

At Perth Building Broker we have the most comprehensive level documentation possible and every house we design has a huge array of work completed before sending to builders to tender and quote. This detailed documentation and the work we put in early stops the builder from adding variations and extra costs down the line that you didn’t know were coming.

Some of the items we produce in our documentation and design and send to the builders to quote:

  • Feature and contour survey
  • Interior design selections – every item has been painstakingly selected to ensure the perfect home
  • Development application planning drawings and correspondence until approved
  • Detailed architectural working drawings including 3d colour images
  • Engineers drawings including soil and wind rating reports
  • Dilapidation report if required
  • Addenda to specification stating every single item of the home in detail
  • All material selections
  • Energy efficiency compliance report
  • Certified building certification ready for building approval

Unlike other companies in our field we never design the same project twice. We do not have standard plans, we do not design standard homes, we custom design upmarket exclusive properties. If you are looking for a home like you have seen all before then Perth Building Broker is possibly not for you. However, if you are looking for something unique, luxurious, and incredible then look no further.

Perth Building Broker specialise in custom property design, tender documentation and project management services to a raft of construction sectors. Our dedicated experienced team of registered builders, engineers, designers and interior decorators have decades of direct experience in all sectors including custom homes, unit development, major renovations and commercial construction. With design driven thinking and our professional ability we can strategically advise our clients for the best results possible.

We do everything except build your project. At Perth Building Broker we will be involved until the keys are handed over. Our registered builder will inspect the project at every progress payment stage to advise you that all works that are required to be completed for the payment stage have been completed.

Design & Documentation
Tender to Builders for FIXED PRICES $$$
Monitor & Inspect Selected Builders Construction Progress
Fully Finished Home Saving You Thousands $$$

If you already have your own plans we will help finish your documentation and then control the tender between all builders to help you obtain the best possible outcome. This is a free service.

Perth Building Broker is an exclusive company that restricts the number of projects it works on at any one time. By limiting the projects we work on, we ensure every project is controlled to unmitigated quality. The team at Perth Building Broker is passionate about customer service and client satisfaction. This is supported by our proven quality processes to produce exceptional results on every project we work together on. With total independence and transparency you can rest assured you are in the best hands.






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